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Physics in relation to science, society and technology

Let Us Learn About Physics in relation to science, society and technology

Physics in relation to science, society and technology

Technology has also a very important part in a society. People reach another level, countries grow, economy grows because technology and inventions appear and help people produce. Technology helps communication develop also. Communication Technology In Society, is recognized by all the gadgets and all the things through which people communicate easily. For example mobile phones or computers and Internet. Each day something new appears and brings us to another level.

Among the various disciplines of science, the only discipline which can be regarded as being most fundamental is physics.

It has played a key role in the development of all other disciplines.

Physics in relation to chemistry

The study of structure of atoms, radioactivity, X-ray, diffraction, etc., in physics has enabled chemists to rearrange elements in the periodic table and to have a better understanding of chemical bonding and complex chemical structures.

Physics in relation to Biological science

The optical microscopes developed in physics are extensively used in the study of biological samples.

Electron microscope, X-rays and radio isotopes are used widely in medical sciences.

Physics in relation to astronomy

The giant astronomical telescopes and radio telescopes have enabled the astronomers to observe planets and other heavenly objects.

Physics related to mathematics

Mathematics has served as a powerful tool in the development of modern theoretical physics.

Physics related to other sciences

The other sciences like Biophysics, Geology, Heterology and Oceanography and Seismology use some of the laws of physics.

Physics related to society and technology

The development of telephone, telegraph and telex enables us to transmit messages instantly.

The development of radio and television satellites has revolutionised the means of communication.

Advances in electronics (computers, calculators and lasers) have greatly enriched the society.

Rapid means of transport are important for the society.

Generation of power from nuclear reactors is based on the phenomenon of controlled nuclear chain reaction.

Digital electronics is widely used in modern technological developments.

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